Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I asked my daughter, Heidi, to put together this blog site--I actually have no clue about this stuff-- so that I might be able to join the 21st Century of the self absorbed. Actually, I have enjoyed reading some of the blather and expostulating I have found on the net and thought it might be fun to add my thoughts and opinions to the mix. I'm not sure anyone will find my musings entertaining or even remotely interesting, but nevertheless, I guess I feel compelled to enter the fray.

I do not intend to write solely about me and what I may have done this week or that---though there will surely be a good bit of that--but, I intend to speak to subjects that I find interesting. I have interests in art, music, religion, history, and politics, so I expect to find time to address each in the future. That is, if I don't get bored with the whole blog thing--I am a terrible diary writer, going months, even years without making an entry. My Bachelor's degree is in History and my Master's degree is in Occupational Safety and Health. Thus, I have done some research and written a fair amount on those subjects. I plan on revisiting some of those old papers for blog fodder. Also, I am a sculptor and singer/songwriter and could see myself writing about my thoughts on art and music and, perhaps, finding a way to make my creative works available to the interested listener or viewer.

In sum, take it or leave it, this blog is about what I think is interesting and entertaining. You're welcome if you want to come along.

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Garry Wilmore said...

Looks interesting! I'll be back later, to spend more time exploring it in depth. I'm a blogger, too, about which more later.