Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Back in the Website Saddle Again

I finally have my music and art website up and running. A few years back, we had a, for various reasons, it went by the wayside. This site,, is devoted to my music and art works. If you are a fan of my music, whether from solo years, the years performing with my wife, Karen, as "Mundy Mundy", or with my current band, "Randy Mundy & the Mundy Mourning Blues Band", you will be able to listen to tracks from my CDs and see where we may be playing next. I am hoping that you will also eventually be able to see pictures and, perhaps, video from our live shows. If you are a fan of my sculpting, you will be able to see what projects I am working on and view pictures of my work. We also hope to offer merchandise for purchase on line: CDs, tee-shirts, posters, castings of my sculptures, etc. So, drop by the site and see what we have. That's

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