Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Why are our so many of teachers and news reporters so ignorant or so uninterested in searching for the truth? I have known for a long time that these two groups are ideologically driven, but lately, it is really starting to bug me. Not only are they ignoring the realities concerning the deficiencies of our current socialist—I’m being kind here—president, some of the ones I know personally are beginning to resemble the three monkeys who cover their eyes, ears and mouths, when it comes to being educated. And they are passing their ignorance or misguided ideology on to the unsuspecting masses.

My frustration began 4 years ago when both groups tried to avoid vetting Barack Hussein Obama and learning about his past and his, then current, associations with flaming Marxists and out and out criminals: Both of his parents were Marxists; his grandparents on his mother’s side were both Marxists—they attended the little Red Church (not the color of the building, I don’t think; his early mentors were Marxists; his pastor for over twenty years was an America-hating race-bating Marxist, who spewed out hate-filled rhetoric on a continuous basis, but unheard by the future president, who apparently slept through most of the sermons; his neighborhood chums’, whom he hardly knew, but in whose home he started off his campaign, were unrepentant Marxist terrorist bombers… I’m getting tired. I blogged about this extensively during the 2008 campaign, so you can educate yourself on history by looking up my blogs of that year on this site and reading them. The fact is that the facts were there, but the ideologues on the left either didn’t want to know about it or they didn’t want the rest of America to know about it. Many a time, I have brought these little tidbits of information up in discussions with friends and acquaintances only to find that they were completely unaware of anything of the kind.

I’m sure that, if you, the reader of this blog, are an ideologue, you have probably stopped reading by now. Or, if you just think the president is a great guy and that he is really trying, and that all this stuff may be true, but it is old news and that we need to just get along, I hope that you are still reading and that I might persuade you to rethink your position. If you have even half of an open mind, you may still be reading, so let me shift gears to the present.

Let me just say, our president, Barack Hussein Obama (umm, umm, umm!), is the biggest liar since William Jefferson Clinton (I’m not just picking on our current president’s middle name to be annoying), and the news media is complicit in keeping the general public, including our brilliant members of the teachers’ unions (who think Mr. Obama and the Democrat party have hung the moon) in total ignorance. For example, the latest jobs report showed “job-growth” at 85,000 new jobs for the month. If history tells us anything, it will be re-adjusted down—this has happened almost every month, never being adjusted up—when most people aren’t paying attention, but the big headline will be “85,000 New Jobs” and will be what ignorant, uncurious, Obama sycophants will remember. Even this number is not very good in historical terms, but Mr. Obama greeted this number by saying that we were heading in the right direction. What was not reported by most of the media was that, during the same time period, 80,000 people left the work place and applied for disability insurance—the number of disability claims during this administration is unprecedented—leaving a net total of 5,000 or so jobs created for last month. A pretty bad number, one would have to admit, if one were reasonable. But, that is not all! One must also consider the fact that the monthly average birthrate in the United States is approximately 40,000. Clearly, not all of these born last month will reach a mature age and be looking for a job, but it should be surmised that we have a pretty big number of people coming of age every month who are wanting to join the work force. 5,000 new jobs won’t cut it! We are going in the hole! Do you think that is the right direction? Are there any pro-Obama math teachers out there who want to deny reality here?

Then there are the latest attack ads by the Obamaites, claiming that Mr. Romney was the outsourcing king at Bain Capital and that he has suspicious bank accounts in Switzerland and the Cayman Islands. Truth checks have concluded that Romney was not even with Bain at the time when any such outsourcing was alleged to have taken place and it should be noted that Swiss and Caribbean bank accounts are still subject to taxes, which appear to have been paid in full. The mainstream media has neglected to point these FACTS out to inquiring minds out there. I don’t think making the Obama administration look petty and ignorant is high on there priority list. It might also be pointed out that the Obama administration outsourced billions of tax-payer dollars to foreign businesses in their money laundering schemes to pay back Solyndra and other stupid green-energy star-ups who donated heavily to the Obama campaign last time around.

So, if you were open-mind enough to read thus far, and if I have not offended you to the point of distraction, I hope it has been to your benefit and education. If you voted for Mr. Obama last time, not knowing what you were voting for, beyond being able to say that you were such a good person that you voted for the first “Black President” and was part of history, or if you got caught up in all of the “Hope and Change” nonsense, then I HOPE you have CHANGED your mind and will help me vote this atrocity out this time. We cannot afford him and his cronies and their socialist, if not Marxist, policies. Of course, you may be so disgusted with the whole voting thing, or you may feel that you just can’t pull the lever for Romney because you are such a Mormon-hating bigot, that you plan to sit this one out. Good for you. If you are that stupid and self-absorbed, you should not vote. It’s time to actually educate yourself before you destroy us all. This is for all of you “teachers” and “news reporters”. The truth is out there, if you want to know it and are not afraid of it. YOU CAN LOOK IT UP!. Can you tell that I’m a bit put-off by all of the ignorance and out-and-out deception?

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