Thursday, October 24, 2013

What Do You Do Now, America?

I do not like saying I told you so, but…  Well, actually I do not like having to say I told you so.  I would like to have seen a president in charge of the country who was not a complete dunce when it comes to our country’s health care system and general economy, then I would not feel compelled to say "I told you so. Some of us--I mean those of you who voted for Obama and who are not me--are so tainted by the media’s love affair with the Obama and the Democrat party, and who are so loathing of all things Republican, that they cannot hear logical arguments.  Too many people are so easily led by union bosses, progressive educators and simplistic entertainers that they run over a cliff like lemmings, taking the rest of us with them because we, the reasonable ones. are trapped in the crowd. The old saying, “fool me once—shame on you, fool me twice—shame on me” is appropriate here. "Three strikes and your out" seems apropos as well. 

 Obama fooled enough of the voting public to get elected the first time, partly,by  promising to have the most transparent administration we have ever seen and declaring that he would bring civility to the office and to change the way things would be done in Washington.  And, do not forget, he would be a post racial president. But then we got the Chicago way of doing things. We got graft and good-old-boy politics like we have never seen before, with sweetheart deals of “stimulus money” given to his supporters and cronies like we haven’t seen since Andrew Jackson.  We got cover-ups over gunrunning to Mexican drug cartels by the Justice Department, where a border patrolman was murdered, and the Benghazi fiasco, where four more Americans were murdered, because Obama wanted to take credit for having “Al Qaeda on the run” and bringing peace to the Mid-East by supporting the Muslim Brotherhood--He couldn't let anything like the truth interfere with his chances for re-election. Oh yes, and do not forget that he would regain respect from the other nations of the world. Anybody who pays attention to world affairs and domestic issues would be disgusted.  He has taken every opportunity to take racial sides, making divisive comments where he should have just played basketball or gone golfing. And then he ran the most nasty and vicious re-election campaign in a century, via character assassination against one of the most moral and ethical businessmen to ever run for president.  He also pushed socialized “Obamacare” down everyone’s throat, except for government employees at the very top. Those things were the result of fooling enough people the first time.

Now, after being fooled the second time, people are beginning to recognize the fact that he is a charlatan and may be the most inept man since Buchanan to sit in the Oval Office. Truly conservative lawmakers tried to defund the ill-conceived and unpopular Obamacare and save our country from its ruinous effects, but the idiotic Democrat leadership [insert Obama, Pelosi and Reid here] would not compromise an inch and shut down the government for a couple weeks and the Obama-minion media, as they always do, blamed the "evil Republicans".  Now, as the roll-out of Obamacare has begun, people are beginning to see  that Obama and his minions either have no clue about anything, or they are trying to destroy the best healthcare system in the world and replace it with socialized medicine.  Even the densest people are finding out that Obama is evidently a big liar or big boob.  He said that under Obamacare, you could choose to keep your healthcare plan, if you liked it, and your doctor, if you liked him or her, and the average person would save  $2,500 a year on health insurance.  Now they find, when they actually are able to get on the government healthcare website—the one that was farmed out to a Canadian software firm and cost over half of a BILLION DOLLARS and does not seem to work any better than some of the most ardent of the Obama voters—that none of those things are true: Most often, they are not able to keep their doctors and plans and the cost is on the average of $7,500 a year. That would be a difference of $10,000, in case you are wondering. The republicans tried several ways, during the government shutdown, to pass legislation to fund the government and curtail some of the most troubling parts of Obamacare, including postponing for a year the mandate for individuals to sign up for government healthcare or be fined. They reasoned that, since Obama authorized a waiver for big business to do just that, that it was only fair to allow individuals the same waiver. The Democrats are always worrying about fairness, are the not? But Noooooo… the Democrats would not budge because  they seemed to be winning the war of public opinion and, once again, and successfully pinning the Republicans with the blame for shutting down the government for political reasons. So much for changing the atmosphere in Washington. But then again, to be fair, I do not believe he actually said he would change it for the better.

Now, because people are meeting some of the effects of Obamacare head-on, and seeing that it will actually cost jobs, and in many cases cause people to lose their health insurance, and force them into a much more expensive government-authorized plan, there are some Democrats coming over to the side of reason.  Six Democrat senators: Jeanne Shaheen, Mark Pryor, Joe Manchin, Mary Landrieu, Kay Hagan, and Rick Nolan, are now asking to have that individual mandate postponed a year.  A cynic, like myself,   might think that most of these folks are up for re-election next year and might be changing their position because Obamacare has never had a majority of support by the voting public and they are from more conservative states. But who can say for sure?

The fact is that public opinion may be changing about this naked Emperor of ours. As more and more people become frustrated and find themselves in trouble with the law because they cannot afford the “affordable” care act, we might see them vote with a little more understanding next time around. He fooled you twice, so shame on you! You blew the call! What are you going to do about it? In 2014 we have a chance to put a Republican majority in both houses. Remember, "Three strikes and your out"!!!

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