Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Romney Wins!

My friend, Mike Mayer, emailed me today asking if he had detected a Romney win. He was softly chiding me, I suspect, because of my earlier blog about Romney's chances of gaining the White House. I honestly did not expect as strong a win for Romney in Michigan as he racked up. I was returning from a safety managers' meeting in Phoenix last night and was excited to see Romney ahead while I was at the airport in Phoenix preparing to board the plane. I had to wait until I arrived at the airport in Salt Lake to see that he had indeed won, and won pretty big. With the Michigan win, do Romney's chances get better? I will have to say yes. But, I am only slightly more optimistic than I was yesterday morning. Romney has a good portion of the serious conservative Republicans, but the mods and undecided lemmings are numerous enough and so unpredictable that it is hard for me to get my hopes up very high. Under those circumstances the anti Mormon vote can still hurt Romney. I hope it doesn't, but I fear it will. Prove me wrong, America!


Becky said...

Romney won here in Nevada but there are a lot of Mormons here and they come out to vote. When we went to the caucus at least 50% of the people we saw were from our ward and stake.

Michael K. Mayer said...

One day after Super Tuesday, I think Randy might have been right, and I am afraid we'll have to vote for the next best conservative in this race for president....Hillary Clinton. I am about ready to turn in my Republican card for the Constitution Party. I don't believe in the vote for anybody but a Democrat chant. There are reasons I don't vote Democrat; I can't vote of a person with those same values just because he puts an R in front of his name. A pig with makeup is still a pig.