Sunday, August 26, 2012

Date Night To Go See 2016? Go For It!

Friday night my wife and I went to see the documentary, 2016: Obama's America. I did not learn much new about our president, but that is because I have not been asleep the last five years and I have educated myself about who Barack Hussein Obama is and what he would be expected to do as president. Having said that, I have to say that the Dinesh D'Souza film is brilliantly put together and lays out the Obama story better for the casual investigator than anyone else has been able to in books, news articles or political blogs. Incidentally, D'Souza is a brilliant Indian-American author who has publicly, and brilliantly, debated the late Christopher Hitchens numerous times over the existence of God.

Okay, so Randy liked the film. Big stinking deal. Why should you see it? Well, If you are an Obama fan, who is politically aligned with the extreme left and you believe that he has done no wrong, you can probably watch the film and say, "Yeah, well so what? That makes sense to me. I'm proud to be an Obama supporter!". If you are an Obama fan and you think he has done no wrong and that any Obama criticism is racist in nature, then you might be interested to see that it is not just conservative white people who have problems with what he has been doing. If you are an Obama fan, but you are secretly confused by some of his actions or lack of actions in various situations, you might have your eyes opened. If not then you may also be extremely stubborn or have a very severe case of political conjunctivitis. If you have no deep philosophical convictions but was swayed by the shallow "Hope and Change" huckster's pitch, you might watch the film and then slap yourself in the forehead and declare,"Wow, I could have had a V-8!" If you voted for Obama, feel disappointed, but think it might be worth try giving him another another four years, you definitely better see this film. Otherwise, you will be kicking yourself within one year. If you are not political at all and did not vote last time, you better see the film and vote this time, especially if you sort of like this country. If you just think both political parties are the same and nothing will ever change, you better see this film.  If you are sitting sitting on the fence and do not know what you believe, now is the time to educate yourself with 8 to 10 dollars and go to the polls this time.  If you care about this country at all, please see 2016: Obama's America.

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