Saturday, September 22, 2012


I am frustrated. I would like to address primarily Jews, Catholics, Evangelical Christians and Mormons. I read an article the other day about Mormon Democrats who proclaimed why they were proud Democrats.  They stated that they were for better education, caring for the poor and helping the poor out of poverty, etc. and that the Democrat party was their champion to make those things happen. I am sure that there are those among the Jews, Evangelicals and Catholics who are thinking the same things.  Are Republicans or Conservatives against those things? I know that I am for those things. I am taught, as a Mormon, to share what I have with the poor, to help my fellow man perfect himself, to be self sufficient, and to revere education, which I would assume my fellow Conservatives among Jews, Evangelicals and Catholics do as well. But, our religions teach us to do those things on a personal level, not to turn those responsibilities over to the state. Do you Democrat Mormons, Catholics, Evangelicals and Jews not understand that the current Democrat Party is not the same Democrat Party that your grandparents belonged to?  The Democrat party, until they were “outed”, had removed God and Jerusalem from their party platform—you should know the back-story on this if you have paid attention—and when they were caught and tried to voice-vote the words back into the platform, they embarrassingly dictated the reinsertion over the obvious majority of “No” votes. The current Democrat Party supports repressing religious speech in public places and promotes abortion on demand!  This Democrat Party is trying to socialize everything! They have gone farther and farther to the left over the last fifty years. We, as Christians and Jews, should be standing up for personal rights, not collective rights that give more and more authority to our governments. Christianity and Judaism are all about personal salvation and commitment to God and your fellow man, but collective salvation is what you endorse when you vote Democrat at this time in history.  The Democrat Party is more in line with Marx’s Communist Manifesto than the U.S. Constitution. You might want to read them both. 

I have thought much about why people vote against their personal beliefs for party sake.  For example, I understand that the news media is overwhelmingly liberal, as are the pop celebrities and most of those who work in the entertainment industries; they have been that way for most of the last century. But, do they believe in Socialism or down and out Marxism?  In some cases, the answer is yes—they are recognized by their exuberance and in-your-face belligerence against any conservative thought—but, I am not convinced that all of them are. The news media come from the same journalism schools where they are taught to think that they are the guardians of information. They are taught by teachers who are personally liberal or socialistic. Then, they hang around each other and marry each other. For the most part they live in a bubble, thinking the same thoughts and saying and doing the same things. It is easy to understand that they would think the same way. Polling has produced statistics that somewhere around 90 % of the news media vote democrat. By coincidence, that is almost exactly the percentage of blacks in this country who vote democrat in every election.  No one should be surprised then that the news media would be in the tank for Obama, and that blacks, apart from the conservative blacks, would put their allegiance to perceived racial ties to Obama and vote for him this time too. That was the case four years ago and they seem to be doubling down this time around, though they have to ignore the dire reality of the state of our nation. They wouldn’t seriously vet him then, and they would ignore any stories which might show Obama in an unflattering light. A Republican or conservative is always observed under a microscope and in Romney’s case, when felonious and ridiculous stories are fabricated, the mainstream media jumps on them without trying authenticate them. In my opinion, we have a Pravda-like media, but by media choice rather than government coercion. But if the government continues its slide towards socialism, we will most certainly have that. The same is true with the entertainment media. They are constantly spilling out socialist propaganda by choice, but they will eventually have no choice.

It is somewhat understandable why blacks and some other minorities would vote for Obama in big numbers: Obama is perceived as one of them. But, they are voting for what the want to believe he is and not what he actually is. It is obvious to anyone who studies Obama, as I have pointed out in earlier blogs, that he is not just a “liberal” or “progressive”—the progressive handle by itself should scare everyone to death—or even just a socialist: HE IS A MARXIST! I know that many do not want to know that—some of you in the minority groups do not really care about that because that is what you want or you are just ignorant of what that means—but it is obvious to those of us who have looked at him in detail. Is my frustration showing? I am just beginning to vent. Why would you continue to block vote for people and programs which continue to fail? The war on poverty is a total failure. The education department created under Carter has made a shambles of our children’s education. The black families are especially hurting: More black youth are without education, work, and two parent families than ever before. More people, whether White, Black or Hispanic—I hate differentiating by labeling anyone other than “American”—there are more of you on food stamps (twice the number in just a few years) than ever before.  Blacks and Hispanics are paying just as much at the gas pump as everyone else. Why do you not recognize that the Obama administration’s energy policies have hurt you in the pocket book and sent our hard-earned money and energy jobs overseas? So what that he is the first man of “color” to be elected president. Do you support the president’s social policies? Do you think “marriage” between a man and a woman should be protected? Do you believe that late term abortion, whether the human baby is Black, White, Oriental, or Hispanic, should be protected by federal law and that you are obligated to pay for it.  Do you believe that it is your right to be sustained by tax money to the point of government bankruptcy? 

The problem is, as I see it, is that Democrats, by and large, are Democrats because their parents were, or because they want or fit in with the crowd they hang with. For some it is their religion. When traditions or peer pressure compels you to act against what is arguably in your best interest, you need to stop and question your positions. My request for all of you Democrats, be you Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Mormon, Catholic, Evangelical, Jew, Entertainer, Journalist, or College Student, is that you reflect on what your core beliefs are before you cast your vote in November, Study what your party of choice is advocating. If you think after reading Marx’s manifest, that the Marxist Socialism that we are heading towards with the current Democrat Party, is what you want, and you have read our Constitution and find it a tired old document that needs to be discarded, you should boldly say so, and proudly vote for Obama and his minions. But if you vote without a gut-check and do so because you have always been a Democrat, you are being foolish and being blindly led down the path of this nation’s destruction.

As Romney pointed out in the part of the now famous 47% video that was not shown by the complicit news media, we are 16 trillion dollars in debt, with a credit rating lower than it has ever been, and China and Russia are no longer willing to loan us money. Romney went on to point out that the Federal Reserve is now printing money to buy ¾ of our own debt to keep up our spending. If not stopped, this will make your money next to worthless and send inflation and interest rates skyrocketing.  If you read about what Obama’s intentions were, to necessarily raise the prices of energy to push us towards his pet green energy, you understand that he has succeeded remarkably.

In fine, my frustration lies in the knowledge that some of you are ignorant by choice. You will vote without trying to be knowledgeable. In my opinion, this is a serious crime.  If your religion’s positions are in conflict with your party and you vote your party, I think it is clear that your party is your religion. They say that ignorance is bliss, but I say ignorance by choice is just plain stupid! It is frustrating!   

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