Saturday, September 15, 2012


Surprise! The Muslim Brotherhood has turned out to be a destructive force in the Arab world and exposes still another weakness in Barack Obama’s overall understanding of all things of serious import. Who would have guessed that he was just as inept in foreign policy as in domestic policies? That would be me!

The president believed in socialism to the point that he has kept us in a miserable economy that should have bounced back within a year. The economic precipice that he and his minions have said we were at when he took office is still there and his silly policies have kept us on the brink of collapse for nearly four years. Now his foreign policy positions of apologizing for imagined affronts to the Muslim world have, like chickens, “come home to roost”. Yes, we know he gave the order to kill Osama. But, even Jimmie Carter would have made that call.  It is lamentable that he wrung his hands over possible political blow-back for so long before he gave the order. It has been reported that the military had Osama in their sites for weeks and were waiting for the okay from the president. It appears that Obama was weighing the pluses and minuses for himself politically, if the attempt failed. It has been reported by ears in the room that Hillary Clinton had to coax him into making the right decision by telling him that that it would be worse for him if it became known that he let him get away. She should know because her hubby, while president, was offered Bin Laden no less than three times and he passed on them. What a brave decision!

Now, we see the results of his brilliant foreign policy in general. Obama made a point of going to Cairo and apologizing for America’s supposed wrongs against the Islam. If we have learned anything about extremist Muslims and Islamic terrorists, we have learned that apologizing only shows weakness to them. Obama recently suggested on the campaign trail, with his usual arrogant smirk, that Romney and Ryan have no foreign policy experience. Obama, as we know, lived in Indonesia as a boy and has visited Africa and other countries around the world, and Biden, who has been on a number of congressional committees having to do with foreign relations which has made Joe an ”expert”. The truth though is pretty evident to even a casual observer: Biden is a complete fool who has been wrong about virtually everything he has put his feeble mind to; and. Obama’s ideas on foreign policy is rooted in his socialistic beliefs about the evils of white colonialism, as can be gleaned—yes, I have read his works—from his two auto biographies. On the other hand, Romney has laid out a foreign policy in his own book, “No Apologies”—yes, I have read it, and you should too—which shows an affinity to Reagan’s approach of strength and loyalty to our best allies. The recent events in the Arab world and the administration’s responses show that Obama can’t figure it out. These Muslim Brotherhood friends of his are betraying Obama’s trust in them and he doesn’t immediately, as usual, know what to say or do. On the other hand, Romney does know how to respond and he did. Romney understands that American values should be about standing tall about our first amendment rights and not trying to bend to other countries’ desires to see the great America humbled. Of course, this scares the media. They don’t want Romney to look competent. That would make the choice of American voters too obvious.

For the world’s sake, America needs to be the leader of the world, not just the free world. We, with our great and inspired constitution should be held up as a beacon for all others to look to and to emulate. Radical Islamists and their convenient allies, progressive socialists, want to destroy everything we hold dear: freedom of religion; economic freedom; and self determination.  We have been warned many times in the past that failure to be prepared, in strength and moral resolve, costs us and the rest of the free world, not to mention the not-so-free world, tremendous sacrifices of precious blood and treasure. There are always some who believe, and sadly come to power in this country, that you can reason with the unreasonable.  When we swing in their direction, we pay the price. Then, we seemingly learn our lesson and we swing the other way and get back on course. We are currently swinging way off course and we need to try to swing back on course before it is too late. Our foolish progressive mainstream media can’t see it. No surprise!   

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