Friday, September 7, 2012

Watch Your Step! You Might Step In Some Democrat Convention Rhetoric!

I hardly know where to start. There was a treasure trove of ludicrous moments during the Democrat Convention to comment on. It would be like walking through a cow pasture and marveling at all the Democrat statements (or, bull crap—the appropriate synonym to be used) lying about and trying not to step in them. They really stank it up with obvious dishonesty.

Let me start with the absence of the word “God” and the mentioning of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in the Democrat platform this time around and their attempts to cover up their true opinions. With the way things have been going the last four years, I would have been more surprised if those things had been included. Democrats and the liberal judges they install when in power have been routing out every vestige of religious expression of faith from government that they can for the past 60 years, let alone the past four.  Dictates from the bench have been the norm.  The Democrat zealots don’t want the word “God” in our pledge of allegiance, money, courthouses, schools, etc. so why would they want it in their own platform? Even with the constant erosion of faith within the Democrat party voting block—read the polls on the subject, if you don’t believe me—I was a little surprised to see Dick Durbin be so defensive when asked by Fox News’ Bret Baier why the those things would be left out.  You would have thought that someone had set him on fire, or like he had been accused of being un-American (I have often called him that). It was funny to watch him squirm about it. “Are you trying to say we are un-Godly?” I would. 

He and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz make me crazy the way they can look you in the eye and tell the biggest whoppers, like “I never said that” after showing them the video or the audio tape of them saying just that. Miss Debbie was caught on tape this past week claiming to a Jewish group that the Israeli ambassador had confided to her that he thought the Republicans would destroy the American-Israeli relationship. After this was reported by a reporter in the audience, the Israeli Ambassador denied that he ever told Wasserman-Schultz such a thing. When asked about his statement, she declared that she never made that claim. After the tape was brought forward of her saying just that, she stood by her denial. I think that is called chutzpah.

The Democrats who wrote this election year’s platform wrote it that way because they have been watching our president for the past four years and thought it was appropriate. Has Obama done anything to make one think he was a bigger fan of Israel than Islamic brotherhood? I believe not. He certainly hasn’t been friendly to the religious in this country, obligating religious institutions to act against their consciences, by forcing them to imitate Planned Parenthood. When a flurry of obviously unwelcome questions came their way, the Democrats, at President Obama’s direction (dictate), hustled to reinstate the verbiage needed to make them look more religious and Jewish-friendly. It was comical to watch the Democrat mayor of Los Angeles call for a voice vote, trying three times to get the conventioneers to shut up when he asked for “no” vote for adding back the words “God” and “Jerusalem” to their platform. He looked like he wanted disappear every time the “No” vote came back louder than before. Finally, he just gave up and said that he judged a 2/3 majority voting “Yea’. We were told that it was an oversight or something, that Obama had no idea what wasn’t in the platform.  That’s almost as bad as the blatant dishonesty of Wasserman-Schultz! Let’s face it; I think that Dick Durbin protests too much. The majority of the Party Democrat is Godless. And a whole bunch of them are anti-Israel. I heard it for myself.

Then there were the character testimonies of Biden and Clinton. I know that Biden wasn’t making it all up on the spot, because he seemed to be reading from the teleprompter, but that didn’t make it any more intelligible than the things he normally said. Am I making an ad hominem attack? If you’ve heard many of his speeches, I don’t think so.  Clinton can string a bunch of intelligent words together in a pleasing way and make people who don’t know any better buy every word. Of course you have to forget that he is a serial perjurer and will lie to get what he wants every time. I suspect that since, as has been reported, Hillary could not be coaxed into running against Obama this time around, that his best chance for to get back to the White House was to be supportive of someone he clearly hates.

One last parting shot at the Democrats before I go; the August employment numbers came out this morning and they were not good again. Obama and the Dems claim, in Wasserman-Schultz-like fashion, that 95,000 jobs added to the economy—not to worry, it will be adjusted down next month like it has literally every week since Obama entered the White House— is still moving in the right direction. This classic distraction by one hand so that you won’t see what the other hand is doing that illusionists like to use for the gullible.  It will take twice the 95,000 jobs added to keep up with population growth. They will also claim that the 8.3 % unemployment rate dropping to 8.1 % is also a positive trend. The 8.1 number was only possible because another 369,000 Americans gave up looking for work so they were not included in the government’s flawed measure of the unemployed. The real number is over 14 percent, not including the under-employed who are working only part time or in jobs which pay much less than they earned a few years ago. According to the numbers, only 63.5 % of Americans have jobs —a 30 year low. Only the true Obama believers and ill-informed can put a smiley face on the democrat convention and the most recent economic news. Careful where you step!

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