Tuesday, November 17, 2009

BLUE MUNDY (Parts 1 and 2)

Well, my BLUE MUNDY CD project is finally done. Mitch Vice and I mastered "Part 2" last night and I should get it burnt and packaged in time for our three-night show Nov. 19,20,21 in Lehi, Utah, this weekend at the Lehi City Arts Theater. I am glad to have it done. I have been working on it for the best part of four years, starting back in Kansas, before moving here to Utah. Now I can concentrate on other things untill Christmas, like a safety audit coming up for my work, shopping for Christmas gifts, and trying to book the band in some new venues along the Wasatch Front. The band is sounding pretty good. As can be seen from the poster above, we are an eleven-member group and rehearsal logistics have been problematic at best. We very rarely have been able to rehearse all together, We were able to play last moth for the Utah Festival of Arts with the full band but the background singers had not been able to rehearse with us for about six weeks prior. Even though is was fun and we sounded pretty good. This time around we will be missing one of the girl singers all three nights and one of the girl singers on one of the nights. But we will soldier on. The show must go on, unless of course it can't.