Friday, October 8, 2010

Music, Art, Hope and Change

I have been working pretty hard as of late on my recording and sculpting. I continue to add more songs to my list of tunes for proposed CDs. I think my next blues CD has now stretched into two. Just as was the case with my “Blue Mundy” CD, I have accumulated more good material—in my opinion—than can fit on a single CD. So, I will probably pick a couple of my older blusier tunes from the Randy Mundy Band and Mundy Mundy days to touch up and include on what will likely be two distinct CDs. I would like to have at least one ready for Christmas. And, I still have the latest Mundy Mundy project with Karen and the Karen Mundy solo CD—actually a compilation of all of our songs that feature her as lead vocalist. The members of my band keep telling me I need to slow down the song writing so we can get caught up, but I can’t help it if the spirit of inspiration will not let me alone. A writer worries that the eventual writer’s block will come and he will not be able to force out a quality piece, so I feel I must strike while the iron is at least warm.

On the sculpting side, I am currently trying to get the mold done for my Joseph Smith bust. The latex part is done and I started the fiberglass outer shell last night. If I get in a little bit of work on it every day or two, I could possibly have the mold ready to cast something in roughly a week. Then I’ll post pictures of the pieces I have finished so far.

I might say here that I am beginning to have “hope” and feel that a pleasant “change” is on the political horizon. Polling seems to indicate a Republican landslide for the off-years election coming in three weeks or so. I pray that it will be the case. Thomas Jefferson once opined that—I am paraphrasing here—we, as Americans would surely make mistakes, but that we would surely recognize it when it happens and take corrective actions. I am beginning to believe that the American electorate has realized that they made a huge mistake two years ago in putting Obama and the Democrats in control of the White House and both houses of Congress. I just “hope” it is not too late.