Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"Pay No Attention To Pesky Facts: The State Of The Union Is Strong!"

Obama has a big opportunity tonight to set the record straight in his State of the union Speech.  He has to say something that will help his failing image, something that will make his supporters not continue to flee from him like rats from a sinking ship. That is good accurate imagery, if I do say so myself.  To borrow a phrase from the Obama’s favorite communist pastor, the president’s “chickens have come home to roost”. Recent polling evidently shows that some folks who believed Barack Obama about the ‘Affordable Healthcare Act’—I won’t use the more popular “Obamacare “ sobriquet, because Pelosi, who claims she never called it that, no matter how many recordings show the contrary, and even Obama, himself have stopped calling it that, since it seems to be a stinker of a law—are now coming to the conclusion that the man they entrusted with creating a wonderful new healthcare system for the nation was doing one of the following:  (1) He really thought it couldn’t be that hard, because big government is the answer to all of the world’s ills; (2) He was lying the whole time because, being the Marxist Socialist that he is, he knew that the ignorant masses could be sold anything if you had said it enough times and the liberal media would stay in bed with him for the long run;  (3)He just doesn’t like the free market at all and knows that he is on the right road to prove the strategy of Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven (Sorry about this extremely long run-on sentence, but I am writing in a stream of consciousness here);   (or 4), He’s just an idiot that thinks he understands how economies work.  At any rate his popularity really tanked.

 I suspect that if you were to make a test question in a multiple choice structure, “all of the above” would be the correct answer.  I don’t think he is a total idiot, by any means—he has admitted after all, that he was a bit of a slacker in school and often times slackers can get by on native intelligence (see my own history)—h e was smart enough to work the system to get through school and into the  Ivy League stepping stones to politics and other educated idiot positions.  Incidentally, he never attended public school. When he was with his mother in Indonesia, he went to a private Muslim school—you can read his books about himself. And when he went to Hawaii to live with his maternal grandparents he attended a posh private high school.  He also sends his own daughters to private schools and always has. At any rate, the point I would like to make is that he appears to not be the genius that so many lefties proclaimed him to be. ( I heard James Garner say that Obama was probably the most intelligent president we have had.  I really like Garner as an actor, but now I feel sure that he should not teach history). Obama is unable, it seems, to put ideas together in public without a prompter, and he does not know how to pronounce the word “corpsman”. Now, I know that there are a lot of people behind bars who are fairly intelligent, so raw intelligence does not make you a stellar politician who would be void of misjudgment.   Look at Biden … uh, look at Pelosi… or umm Reid… Well, I can’t come up with a very good example among the Democrats at the moment that would prove my point, but there are probably some out there.  And, I am not suggesting that Mr. Obama should be behind bars. That may come in another blog, but clearly the stuff involving the roll-out of the Affordable Healthcare program  seems to show that the President is still a monumental slacker. 

As to my second conjecture, that he was lying the whole time about what to expect with his healthcare plan, we only have to compare his claims prior to the roll-out with reality.  I remember last year when the president gave his State of the Union Speech that  a Republican congressman was so shocked by what the president claimed about his plans that the congressman blurted out “You Lie”. You might think it was rude of him, but I think I would have had a hard time swallowing that crap too. Seems he was right; Obama lies. A defender of the president could say that it was a well intentioned untruth, and you that you can’t expect perfection.  You can’t expect perfection from the most intelligent president we have had? That has to be a shock to James Garner and his liberal friends.  And, a defender might also say that it was the Republicans’ fault that he had to tell some minor fibs, in order to get the smelly thing passed.  That fact is that it was smelly from the beginning. Many on the Republican side new the idea would not work and tried to tell the public that it could not work, that it was going to be a huge train wreck.  Up until the day before it started falling apart at the website roll-out, Some brave conservatives even stood up to their own party leaders in trying to stop the thing.  Hindsight has been good to those individuals. However, the fact remains that Obama was lying and our Health Care System in possibly dying.  Isn’t my little rhyme catchy? It is almost as snappy as “Bush Lied and people died”. The left somehow knew that Bush lied, even though the Democrat leadership at the time, Clinton, Obama, Schuman, Reid, et al, also believed that Sadam Hussein  had weapons of mass destruction and voted  along with president Bush to invade Iraq.  It would seem that if it is good for the goose, as they say, it should be good for the gander.  Of course, the ultra -Left couldn’t see equivalency if it could be argued against them. The bottom line is that Democrats, almost to a man or woman, will almost always say “Me Too” when they think it could be to their political benefit, while some Republicans—not all, sadly—who are conservatives first,  will stand their grounds on principle. I see the votes that passed the “Affordable Healthcare Bill” through the house and Senate as a good example:. The Bill passed without one Republican vote, while a sizable nonpartisan vote supported the invasion of Iraq. Who has more political guts and who was lying? I feel sorry for the Democrats who exposed themselves to the political aftermath of voting for the healthcare debacle. Actually, I don’t. I don’t want to get caught in a lie.

The third possible reason for Obama’s Healthcare program is his desire to fulfill Cloward and Piven’s strategy for bringing down the US government.  Cloward and Piven were sociologists and political activists who saw the easiest way to reach their goals of a socialist revolution in America  was through the Democrat party. They wrote: “The ultimate objective of the strategy—t o  wipe out poverty by establishing a guaranteed income—will be questioned by some. Because the ideal of individual social and economic mobility has deep roots, even activists seem reluctant to call for national programs to eliminate poverty by outright redistribution of income” It was their intention was to create a crisis in the current welfare system by focusing on welfare law and eventually bringing about its collapse under its own weight, necessitating replacing it with socialist system guaranteeing annual income. This was to be done by encouraging the poor to demand more and more benefits or entitlements and overloading the system.   I don’t think that it could be plainer to a Martian looking down at us that we are heading full speed under Obama’s steerage to the destruction of our free market system. Now it may be happening faster than he might have expected and wished for—he has been recorded as saying that he favored a one-payer system for healthcare—because the unaffordability of his programs are beginning be obvious to more and more people. He may have tipped his hand too soon. I pray that he has.

The last possibility is that he is, indeed, an idiot; an idiot who has no understanding of how an economy works. However, it may not be his fault.  After all he was sired and raised by communists and there are a surprising number of people who are unable to understand the concept of living within their means. The whole Democrat Party suffers from this incapacity these days, as well as close to half of the Republican Party.  Just as there are, for example,  a relatively small number of people in the world who are color blind, unable distinguish between green and red, there exists a huge number, perhaps a majority of people in the world who are unable to grasp the difference between income and outgo.  This is a sorry state of affairs, exacerbated by the fact that too many educators are also income-outgo-blind. They teach, and liberals and progressives are susceptible to, the Keynesian doctrine of economics.  John Maynard Keynes held to the theory that a government could spend its way out of recessions and depressions.  This will sound odd to those of us who have been taught and have come to believe that when you are lacking in income you should logically spend less and save for a rainy day. It’s possible, I guess, that some Keynesians believe this as well, as far as an individual or a family goes, or at least I hope that is the case, but it is very different when it comes to nations and their expenditures.  For Keynes, somehow the fact that that governments could print more money when they thought they needed to, absolved them from natural laws of inflation and deflation.  For the Keynesian, inflation is not a very big hurdle. They apparently believe that, as long as you can ride the wave and print more and more money, a new norm will arrive and exist for a while, until the bigger demands on the government and economic bubbles start bursting.  Then, it is off to the races again, with higher government-controlled minimal wages and so called price controls which do little but anesthetize the unwashed masses.  The reasonable among us we look at that philosophical abortion and wonder how intelligent people could fall for it. I know it baffles me. We free marketers, who see the wisdom of Adam Smith and Milton Friedman and see the opposition as crazy.   In fact, I think this picture of John Maynard Keynes supports my thoughts:     

He looks crazy to me.

So, tonight Mr. Obama will try again to make his State of the Union Speech believable , while laying the blame for his troubles at the feet of those dastardly heartless Republicans, and the Tea Party racists, especially the Black ones. Like the old joke about the man caught cheating by his wife, Obama will have to say, "Who are you gong to believe me or your lying eyes?"