Monday, September 30, 2013

Obama Fiddles With Golf While Rome Burns; Why the Affordable Health Care's Approach Has Me Feeling Ill

Well, it appears we have another  “government shutdown” looming. I suspect that it will either not happen or it will be short lived. It is claimed by the democrats that it will hurt the economy. I suspect that it will hurt the economy less than the ironically named “Affordable Health Care Act” will ultimately hurt the economy and is anything but affordable.  Let us face the facts: The economy is still in the tank after five years of Obamanomics; we are heading into another housing bubble; the Fed is printing money like crazy; more people are leaving the labor market than are entering it; a bigger percentage of Americans are on food stamps and welfare than ever before; the spending bills passed in the past have been nothing more than Democrat slush funds and to pay off the unions.; and that stupid health care law is only a ploy to push us into one-payer socialized health care and wreck our free market economy beyond help.  Even the Obama’s complicit buddies, the corrupt (possibly just ignorant) union bosses are starting to become frightened of “Obama Care”.  What were once full-time jobs are now part-time, and business owners know they have to cut down on labor and pay the health care “tax”, as Chief Justice Roberts assures us it is, though to get it passed in congress the Obama administration argued that it was not. Somehow, these knuckle heads—anyone who subscribes to Keynesian economics— believe that a superficially high government-imposed “minimum wage”,  price controls on commodities and extra government spending adding public entitlements will equate to a robust economy, lots of job creation and a greater standard of living.  That would fantastic if it were not a fantasy.

The Dems have always believed in government-implemented price controls as a way to keep prices down, while upping spending.  Sadly, those policies have never worked as intended. Whether promoted by FDR, Carter or even the Keynesian convert, Richard Nixon, price controls and added government spending have only promoted inflation. Read Thomas Sowell if you are not able to get your head around the economy and how it actually works. When you take competition out of the equation, cost always rises. If the profitability of a product is taken away by either the cost of its production through the imposed cost of materials or labor, the producer of the product will either cut back or go out of business.  What will follow will be less availability of the product, which will inevitably make it more dear and will eventually cause the price controls to break.  Government intervention into the airline and oil industries in the past are exemplary of government manipulation’s destructive effects on business and the public. For the protection of consumers, it is illegal for businesses to collude—and it should be—so why would it be good idea for the government to do essentially the same thing?

The fact is that Obama only cares about socializing American health care as well as other aspects of American life.  If he was serious, he could be meeting with Republican leaders in the House and Senate,  to try to resolve issues that they and even  some union leaders have now clamored about, but he refuses to budge from his lofty perch at the golf course. He plays golf while Rome burns, it would seem,   He suspects, and with reason that the media will enforce the idea that the cold-hearted Republicans only want to shut down the government and cause problems for this wonderful “black” president, even though the Republicans have tried to introduce legislation that would force the president, congress  and federal judges to use Obama-care. But alas, the president and his Democrats in congress don’t want it for themselves. Could it be that they cannot afford it? Heaven forbid! It makes me ill to think of it, so I hope I do not have to depend on the Affordable Health Care Act, should it be fully implemented. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

They Never Had A Chance!

Well, here we go again. Some nut, or homegrown terrorist, has run amuck, shooting a bunchy of defenseless people—this time at another military site, the Washington D.C. Navy Yard. Twelve people “never had a chance”, as they say. Again, we have silly people on the left, like Senator Diane Feinstein, clamoring for stiffer gun control laws. If I might be so bold, Diane Feinstein is an idiot! Gun control advocates always try to make hay out of these events, but never see the realities. What do 99% of these shootings have in common? They happen where the shooter knows the people will be sitting ducks and defenseless.  The reality is that Gun control laws have dictated the very circumstances that these nut jobs look for! Washington D.C. is a gun-free town.  Schools, churches and some movie theaters, like the ones where recent mass shootings occurred were gun-free establishments. The Navy Ship Yard, like all US military properties, as was Fort Hood, has been gun- free zones, except for the military police, since the Clinton administration.  Our military are not trusted to carry guns? Pretty weird, when you think about it. True, the perpetrators of the ship yard and Fort Hood shootings were ex-military and military, but they would have been vastly outnumbered had everyone else on base been able to legally carry a weapon that they have been trained to responsibly use. I

Almost without exception, gun control measures, which restrict legal carrying or possession of firearms, result in higher instances in gun violence.  When gun control activists are asked if they would be willing to post a sign on their house declaring that their home is a gun-free home, they are nonplussed. The clueless will always want to take self-defense privileges away from the law abiding public in an effort to quell the use of illegal acts. They always ignore the fact that criminals are not law-abiding in the first place, and will never oblige themselves to give up their weaponry and the obvious advantages they have in a society where their prey wander around defenseless. Make no mistake about it, we are talking about actual predators, and predators use the advantages they have, whether they be large claws and teeth or guns, knives and clubs, to overcome their prey.  If sheep had the same big teeth and claws that wolves and big cats have, the carnivores would not try to devour them.  Humans are much the same way in respect to preying on the defenseless.  Why create more defenseless people when it has been demonstrated over and over again that conceal-carry laws and ever open-carry laws definitely reduce gun crime. Imagine, if you will, the rabbit from Monte Python and the Holy Grail.  Run away!

In truth, gun control is less about gun control than it is about trying to make us more and more dependent on government. Gun control advocates want us to think that they can protect us better than we can protect ourselves.  Law enforcement, by and large, does what they do to the best of their ability. However, most of the police officers will admit that most gun crimes have been committed well before the police can arrive on the scene.  The liberal news media will report the kinds of stories where people are preyed upon successfully by the criminal much more often and with much more glee than they will the stories where those preyed upon successfully defend themselves or deter a crime from happening because they had a gun. How many lives could have been spared if someone on the scenes of these terrible acts had had a gun to defend themselves and the others around them? We will never know, because our progressive lawmakers never gave them a chance.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

In Some Cases, Second Thoughts Are About As Good As No Thoughts

I just heard that some Obama fans are starting to have second thoughts about him. I am convinced that they are most likely their actual first THOUGHTS about him. There was never anything that suggested he would be a good leader for the United States, other than he was perceived by the Left—this includes the liberal media (news and entertainment), the liberal intelligentsia (a mutually exclusive term in my opinion), radical labor union leaders, the uninformed and blatant racists (both black and white).  Maybe you can make an argument that you cannot  blame the uninformed too much, because they do not have any core beliefs beyond the idea that there is a lot of grey areas between right and wrong, that there is no real difference between ideologies and they did not know that the president was a fraud from the very beginning.  It was convenient for the Left that Barak is “black” and a Harvard-educated law professor, who can give a pretty good-feeling speech if it is on prompter.  He was somebody they could fully get behind.  They could count on the fact that many would want to vote for Obama, either because of “white guilt” or “black pride”.  They could also count on the fact that they could hide his inadequacies from the public by not allowing information to be assimilated by the masses. They knew that most of the public is ignorant—this means they are not informed, either by choice or because they have not been taught. And, when information was brought up that would expose Obama’s true ideology and inadequacies, they could always holler, “Racism”. It was the perfect storm, as they say.

I have also heard people say, ” I’m disappointed with Obama,  but I’m not sure Romney would have been any better”.  Really? See my comments above! The non-reporting on Obama continued unabated and the outright lies thrown out by Obama and his surrogates went largely unexposed by the liberal press. We conservatives can take little comfort in the fact that Fox News dominates the TV news outlets and Conservative Talk Radio dominates by far in its venue.  The reality is that the liberal outlets and entertainment Medias still vastly outweigh us.  Network news and prime-time entertainment rule the ignorant masses.
Let us be frank. We have had five years of a terrible economy, with more people deciding to stop looking for work than find jobs. Black unemployment is worse than it has ever been, especially for young blacks.  Obama Care is a fiasco, making small businesses elect to turn their workforce into part-time rather than full-time to be able to stay in business. Even Big Labor is starting to understand the emperor has no clothes. The idea that Romney, a tremendously successful business executive and successful Republican governor over an extremely liberal state,  would not have been better to preside over a free economy society, moronic at best.  You might be able to make that assertion about foreign policy, because Romney had no definitive foreign policy experience beyond serving as a Mormon missionary in France, but his world outlook was not tainted by the Marxist philosophies of his mother, father and grandparents, as Barak was.  Obama’s love affair with the Muslim Brotherhood and the “Arab Spring” has been disastrous for Libya, Egypt and Syria.  Now, if you say to me that, perhaps, McCain might not have been any better, I might agree with you.

I have to say that, even though I knew that we were in big trouble when Barak Obama was elected, that there was a part of me that was proud that a mixed-race individual could be elected president of the United States. However, I knew that it would happen someday. I just hoped it would be a conservative, who had a serious grasp on economic, moral and world issues.  That is still my hope.  I know he is pretty old and he would not consider it, but Thomas Sowell, the brilliant conservative economist (maybe the smartest man in America today) is always my choice.

 We as a nation have continued to dig ourselves a big hole. We argue about the most obvious things to a logical mind.  We somehow think that there should be a minimum wage, when all it does is reduce the number of jobs and the profitability of the companies forced to comply. Competition has always been the obvious way of increasing profits and raising the standard of living—read Basis Economics, by Thomas Sowell. We expect to reduce illegal immigration by stifling legal immigration. We allow stupid things like tenure, organized labor in the government sector, life-long elected officials, legislation from the bench and an entitlement mentality to exist in our society. We thought by electing a man with “black” ancestry we would generate a less racist atmosphere. The opposite has been the case. Almost everything—I am being generous when I say “almost”—that happens involving peoples of differing racial backgrounds is suspected of racism and deserve presidential comment, except those that are blatantly black-on-white-with-admitted-racist-intent crimes. So much for Reverend Kings color blind society where people would be judged for the content of their character. The hole keeps getting deeper and wider!

We say we aspire to be a freedom loving nation, but we tend to work at giving more and more of our freedoms up to an ever-growing behemoth of a federal government; a government which, if you believe polling, ever fewer of us trust. Our Constitution, with the original bill of rights and amendments is not a living thing that can be twisted and manipulated to make it what special interests want to be. It was put in place by our brilliant forefathers to protect the people from an oppressive government. If things come up that the designers of the Constitution could not foresee, which might restrict the rights of the people, the mechanism is there to make amendments to it, to better protect those rights. It was not meant to be particularly easy for the reason that humans can be fickle and may choose to be strictly a majority-rules-society or adopt a government by dictate.  The President, a supposed constitutional law professor,  and his supporters in Congress and the Supreme Court do not seem to grasp this notion. Extra-constitutional laws and regulations are killing us.  You can read just about anything Marc Levin to get a better appreciation for the intent and value of our Constitution.

The bottom line is that we are not better off than we were. And I doubt that we are going to be any better off for the next three years. Obama’s presidency is a failure on all fronts, but he is doing exactly what he said he would do. He just thought he was smarter than he actually is. But, that is the case with most progressives. I hope we will have a majority in the next elections who take the time to read and study about the candidates and issues. We need to get away from the "reality' TV shows and the fluff media long enough to educate ourselves. And, do not turn to the university educators for "reality" either. Those folks mostly live in the fantasy worlds of socialism and progressive Utopian nonsense. Educators have worked hard through tenured systems and teachers' unions to eliminate arguments from any opposition. Sometimes it is hard to break with conventions and tradition. If you have grown up with ideas about politics and philosophy that dictate your vote, I only ask that you think about it first. If you read the same old stuff and listen to the same old people without a different frame of reference, your view, no matter how you might actually evaluate them with logic if given a reasonable opportunity, will probably go unchallenged. It might also be worth praying about, unless you have been convinced by the liberal Left—mostly democrats , these days—that God has no place in politics. Think about that!