Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Let's Roll!

Well, the optimism I felt for our future after the special election to fill Teddy Kennedy’s Senatorial seat took a blow after the Obamanists pulled the irregular stunts in getting their “health care” “legislation” “passed” recently. I have to admit that I failed to foresee such brazen disregard for public opinion, even by the radical left. It surely proves what I have expected for a long time: The democrat party that my father embraced is dead. The left has successfully co-opted the democrat party, along with the vast majority of the news and entertainment media. Of course it has been obvious during all of my 58 years on the earth that those institutions were left-leaning, and it has become more apparent during the last three decades that they have been making significant strides, but the progressives’ advances, exposed by the last couple of elections, have truly blown my mind.

The 2008 elections were a critical point. The whiners and crybabies on the left had only been a nuisance up until then. They slowed the growth of conservative philosophy in the general public and retarded a return to the application of the principles adhered to by our founding fathers, both by weakening our school systems via the teachers unions and screwing with our legal system via the ACLU and other anti-religious groups. Now, with the huge majority the progressives hold in both legislative houses and a bare knuckles socialist presidential administration, we are in real trouble. As a famous preacher has said, Americas’ chickens have come home to roost.” I think our country, if not the U.S, Constitution, is truthfully hanging by a thread. We can only pray that Obama will not be able to drag the Supreme Court another vote to the left before we can elect a conservative administration again.

Clearly, the American public has been fiddling while Rome has been burning. The Tea Party movement shows that a bunch of us have come to a great awakening, but there are many more who need to have a “come to Jesus” moment in their lives. There is a dire need for some positive hope and change. I am sure that there are members of the democrat party who are beginning to realize that their party is no longer one that has America’s interest at heart. America needs patriotic and conscientious democrats to abandon their sinking ship. I am equally sure that, by this time, there are a great number of independent voters who recognize that their vote for a "change" in the status quo and some ethereal "hope" was a big mistake. I certainly hope this is the case. And, I hope that republicans who have tried to hedge their bets in the recent past, by trying please the media, by abandoning conservative principles, by trying to get along, and by trying to be democrat-lite, will recognize their folly and repent. If not, we are in Big, BIG, Trouble. The Obamanists are leading us down a road to fiscal and social bankruptcy. I predict that, if we are unable to brake our fall quickly, we will necessarily become the pathetic nanny state the progressives have been dreaming of for over a century and we will have a socialist government designed to perpetuate dependency and a one-party system for a very long time to come.

After the stock market crash in 1929, we flirted with progressive philosophy on a large scale. The result of FDR’s machinations was a run-of-the-mill recession turned into a 14-year "Great Depression". America pushed back after the war and retarded the progressive social onslaught. We had decades of economic growth and pride in a more socially conservative philosophy and world perspective, becoming the world leader and foremost example of capitalist might, but the progressives did not go to sleep. They regrouped and continued to chip away at America's social fabric. Progressive policies decorated with well-meaning verbiage, like “The Great Society”, The War on Poverty” and “Social Justice” have snaked back into our society and weakened our resolve to be self-sufficient and morally and spiritually strong. Today, we are on a similar path to the one we trod in the 1930s. The progressives are going full speed ahead and damning the torpedoes. We have only a small window of opportunity to get back on the path that our founding fathers started us on two and a half centuries ago.

As I said at the beginning of this blog, with recent events in D.C., my optimism has taken a hit, but I am not without hope. More and more of our brothers and sisters of conservative bent are standing up and making their voices heard, and proselytes to our beliefs are joining our ranks daily. We need to keep up the momentum. The challenge is before us. Let’s Roll!