Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ignorance Is Blistering! (edited version)*

* (note: my earlier version of this blog posted a few days ago had some inadvertent spellcheck errors-it had Obama spelled "Osmam". Apparently a computer has a hard time telling the too apart since they both apparently are doing their best to destroy the America we know and love.)Well, it has been awhile since I blogged. What can I say? I’ve been occupied. I’ve been working and paying taxes, trying to develop my music and sculpting projects, and scratching my head—most of my hair on top continues falling out because of it, I think—about why the country is in the dire straights it finds itself in. But, it’s probably time to spout off a bit, to preserve what bit of sanity I have left. Ignorance may be bliss, but it is also dangerous and the reason, I believe, for I current state of affairs.

I read quite a bit. I read books about politics, religion, biographies, etc. and I try to squeeze in a fun read when ever I can from my favorite novelists (Jim Butcher, Terry Ratchet, and Vince Flynn, amongst others). At the moment, I am reading Michelle Malkian’s expose on the Obama’s: Culture of Corruption. It is a great book, by the way, but it has me hopping mad because it reminded me that most of the public is unaware of the stuff in this book. If they had been, the Obamas would not likely be living in the White House at the moment. Of course that would mean that McCain would be living there now and would not be a completely happy thought for me either, but that is another issue for another time, perhaps. Of course I already knew that Bark and Michelle Obama were corrupt. During the elections of 2008, I had done my homework. I read a lot about them and their connections with shady characters and radical leftist, and I wondered at the fact that the “mainstream news media” was ignoring such newsworthy stuff. If you check my earlier bogs at the time, you’ll see that I was all over Obama’s case for his friendships with a multitude of outrageous and unsavory people, so the information was clearly out there for interested people to see. However, the news media largely ignored the treasure troves of negative information on the Obama’s.

Of course I knew, or at least I thought, that it could be chalked up to simple media bias—an unconscious prejudice against conservatives by the “elite” majority of news media types. However, the recent uncovering of the “Journalist” memos shows that there was conspiracy at foot. Some of the evil—and I do mean EVIL—journalists and journalism professors were not only willing to turn blind eyes to news stories that might be damaging to Obama’o election chances, but they were also encouraging the use of slander—calling critics racists—to stifle questions from more conservative media. This clearly shows that deception is part and parcel to what the radical left—this would include a fair amount of the mainstream news media at this point—is willing to do to achieve their agenda.

Now, I have some several liberal friends. And, I believe them to be good honest people who desire the best for their fellows, and, who would not knowingly be a part of destructiveness. But, in all honesty, they tend to be prejudice in their liberality. For example, they will refuse to believe that conservatives are caring and non-prejudice. An extremely liberal friend of mine asked me before the election, in a slightly superior tone, if I were ready to have a black man as president. Of course, the implication was that, as a conservative (and obviously a bit racist), I would be uncomfortable with a “black man” as my president. My response was that I would be more than happy if I had the choice of a “black man” like Thomas Sowell—one of the most brilliant minds in America today—but that my aversion to Obama was because of his obvious radical leftist background and his abundant connections with unsavory characters.
Liberals also tend to be extremely ignorant when it comes to history, economic theory and who their political leaders really are. This is clearly not all their fault due to the agendas of left-leaning college professors and the negligence and conspiratorial efforts of the mainstream media. But, it dose not free them from the obvious responsibility they have as voters to become informed. I think enough red flags have been waved by non-mainstream media to get their attention. The negligence of the Obama administration’s justice department to be evenhanded with the New Black Panther voter intimidation case and the SEIU beating of a black Tea Party member case screams for attention by morally superior liberals. And what about the ACORN travesty? This leftist organization which gets 40% of its income from the federal government and is tied at the hip to the Obamas is constantly involved in voter fraud cases and was recently shown to have endorsed the scamming of the government to help fund teenage prostitution rings. Then there is the recent uncovering of memos in respect to doing end runs around congress—a favorite pastime of the Obama administration—to give amnesty to illegal immigrants. No matter how you feel about the amnesty issue, you should be able to see that such machinations would be wrong.

It is time for my liberal friends to educate themselves, to read a few books by conservatives, like Michelle Malkin, who are doing their homework and listen to some conservative radio talk, like Glenn Beck, who has doing amazing research. They need not be afraid of Fox News. You can study other sources of information as well. Study and Compare. As they say, “the truth will make you free”. If enough people know the truth, and act upon it, it might keep us free as a nation.